Monday, May 6, 2013

Retaining wall is up!

Before with snow
After and 65 deg.

 My "honey"and I have wanted to tear down the front facade of the house ever since we moved in almost five years ago. The plan was to take out the existing rocks that had sunk down into the grass and build a concrete retaining wall. I am not great at pouring concrete so I borrowed the idea from another Pinterest "Pinner" and decided to stack  about 54 60lb bags of concrete mix on top of each other and let nature and the garden hose do it's thing. Over time with rain and help from the garden hose. The wall will set and the paper will wear away and we can rip it off. I like the way it turned out (even with the paper still attached). The plan is to put a second path in the middle to let me walk in and out without compacting the soil too much when I am planting and pruning. There were some scary moments while building that included me almost fainting from horror as my husband almost crushed my peonies in the back. I assumed since they were away from the old and soon to be new wall they'd be safe from someones size 14's. 

Marriage still intact and wall up I just look now and think of all the possibilities of what is in store and happy that our backs survived.

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