Monday, May 6, 2013

May planting is finally here!

May 1st, 2013 Colorado
I have been waiting to thaw out here in Colorado over the last month. When I was expecting April showers and all, we got April storms and a couple of feet of snow. Little to say that put a crunch on my garden plans. During the thaw I have been meticulously planning out my square foot gardens in the front and back of the house. Luckily for me, has a garden design planner that actually has the square foot gardening method programmed into the site.
 You just select the SFG button and it gives you Bartholomew's designated spacing and colors the vegetables/herbs by plant families so you can see if you are providing enough variety and not messing up companion planting.

I still need an excel chart to keep track of all the items that I want to grow and how many I need. I also put on there a really scary column for how much it would cost to put in all of the plants that I want (I omitted it here for the sake of preserving my dignity, nobody needs to now how crazy I am about gardening and you definitely don't need to know the true extent of my fabric and yarn stash). I  just keep trying not to look down the sheet and see what the damage will be this year. I'm telling myself that I am saving money on therapy and grocery bills. It also gives the kids something to do in the summer time when they get bored. The words "how about weeding?" make them run away so quickly it was like boredom was never even a subject of conversation.

Things are coming together finally and snow doesn't appear in the forecast for the next ten days. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.

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