Friday, September 30, 2011

Living Room make over still in progress...

I have been reworking my living room for the last year and a half. I am in love with the elegant chic style and I have been working with a black, red and white color scheme. What I am working on now is lighting. No one ever sits in the room at night because it is too dark. We only have a lamp on the side table and the old over head fixture. Which is beyond dated. I was thinking of a chandelier that was less dangle and more solid. 

At Lowes

This one would also be great with a custom designed lamp shade in the living room or in our family room.

They have the same fabric at Hancock Fabrics but this one is already completed from PillowPeels
This one I found at Target, but I think it might be too gold.

I found this one at Target, but it is a little too green for my likes.
I love the yellow of this lamp, but it is already sold from highstreetmarket

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