Friday, April 15, 2011

50 Life Secrets--Get em now!

My husband is a geek, but I love him for it. He emails me links to some of the silliest things he has found on the internet. I don't know if I showed the Star Wars amigurmi that he sent me. Well the other day between my travels and work he sent me these 50 Life Secrets and Tips. I thought why not try a couple each day and see if they make it more interesting each day? I'm going to skip around on the list but I promise to try all 50. Today I am going for:
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8. Smile more often.Whenever you get a grin on your face, your brain is releasing serotonin, the happy hormone. Smiling is the natural way to force yourself to be happy. Many people even smile for five minutes straight in the morning to get themselves in a great mood for the day. It is a very powerful tool that is utilized less and less as we grow older and need happiness more than ever. Just remember that while happiness leads to smiles, smiles also lead to happiness.11.Think positive thoughts.When you find yourself thinking a negative thought, stop it immediately by any means necessary. Slap yourself in the face, yell something positive at the top of your lungs or jump up and down. Do whatever it takes to get back to a positive mindset as such is essential for continual happiness and success.14. Help others.I’ll just give you a plethora of reasons why this is a MUST
  • Helping people has a ripple effect. If you help someone they will feel more obliged to help someone else, and so on. Pay it forward
  • You grow by giving and helping others. It can change you in ways you never expected
  • Your relationship with that person will become stronger
  • It’s the most fulfilling thing you can do on this planet. It not only feels amazing physically, you also feel like a good person
  • You might be able to call in a favor later when you need some help
  • Karma (if you believe in it)
  • Because there are more people in this world than just you


The Family Stone said...

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi! Following you from
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CJ said...

Cute. It is also nice your hubby send you those things. For me the hardest is the negative thoughts. But I am getting better at keeping them at bay.



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