Sunday, March 13, 2011

Progress Post Precedes Porch

Pam here: Lovely spring day in ABQ! Decided to post some progress and then head for the porch. I have been working on the mending/restyling pile. Won't bother to show you all of the mending projects but will say that I cleared one whole cubbyhole from the wreckage. Woohoo!

Here are two restyle projects: First, a dress that I found at Buffalo Exchange and chopped off into a skirt. Simple fix since the bodice was all big and wonky. Now it is a long, silky skirt...perfect for the warm months.
Second on the restyle bandwagon is this pintuck t-shirt remake. Was looking through the new SewStylish magazine and thought why not? Stole a shapeless t-shirt off some guy's back. Marked the pintuck placement front and back:

Then sewed pintucks until I hated them. Ok, truth be told, project took about 2 hours total and wasn't difficult at all. Finished product:

Final verdict: Not my favorite project, but a great one for practice. Color is dull. Material a bit too heavy for the technique. Might do this technique in small doses on other projects.

Inspiration board and more projects for spring and summer:

Off to the porch now! Peace out -- Pam

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