Monday, March 21, 2011

Concentric circles!

I made this over the weekend. I took a Facebook and email hiatus and went back to crafting. It was great! I think I might spend the rest of my weekends listening to old school jams and making whatever pops into my head.  I wanted to work on my free motion quilting skills without having to pick out each and every stitch on a larger piece (my sister's quilt) so I found this in Fresh Quilting and thought it would be a great practice project and since it is meant to go under hot pas I was okay with a few mistakes here and there. We used it for dinner tonight (linguine with meatballs and homemade sauce)! The meal and the trivet were made from the heart!


Pam said...

Love it! Cool finishing technique!

Michelle-Nicholle said...

Thanks! I am still trying to get my free motion quilting up to snuff for the two larger quilts I'm working on.

I AM Curly Locks said...

Stopping by from MBC, love your quilting post I am thinking about getting into quilting myself, many people have said it is therapeutic...Now following, would love for you to check out my blog at

WynnieBee said...

A weekend - it would take me longer than that - it's beautiful - you did a great job. Spotted your blog at Mom Bloggers under 100 Club and stopped by to visit and follow.

Surviving the Sandwich Years said...

Those are lovely! I'm so not a crafter, but have mad appreciation for those who have the touch, as you do!

Found you through the UBP - love the site!


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