Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quilting without a long arm is hard!

I give credit to all the women out there who have quilted beautiful pieces of art with their regular sewing machine. I am having a pickle of a time. Yep, I said pickle because my mother reads this blog and I don't want her reading the filth that I actually say when I am trying to quilt. I have been trying to quilt free motion on my machine and the amount of fabric that I have been man-handling is worst than a 1980's prom dress.
I have been tugging and pulling with some success. I have consulted two pros on the quilt circuit and they say they do the same thing because the cost of a long arm is so ridiculous.Seriously, they have financing options. It is like buying a car that you can only drive in your house.
Long Arm Quilting Machine

I'm done ranting and I will get back to sewing this week. My goal is to finish the quilting before this month is done and move on to the more exciting quilt binding. (that is quilting sarcasm)

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