Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stash Accountability

Pam here: Hello Fabulous Blogosphere! My baby sis proves to be a formidable match for accountability purposes...and for this I thank her. I commit to the conditions of the 3 Get Out of Jail cards. Drats on her for thinking of the limits! No, no, best to do it before some dramatic fabric shopping overindulgence.

Found my camera and cord. Later in the week, will be uploading pics for your viewing enjoyment or maybe just for proof of progress. Have only done about an hour worth of work this week so far. Will keep a little log so I am not too delusional. Peace out for now.


1 comment:

Michelle-Nicholle said...

I'm a better task master for others than for myself that's what I have you for!
little sis


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