Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knit Picks is privately torturing me!

I get the Knit Picks promotional emails. I know it is easy to unsubscribe to them, but I like getting a little yarn porn in my email once in a while. Today was even crueler than usual since I have decided to de-stash. I use the word torture very lightly, for the crafters out there you have probably felt this feeling once or twice in your life. You look at said material/yarn/scrapbook page and you fall instantly and deeply in love. You have envisioned a future together where you love and create a new object in your mind, then wear/look at said object every day until it falls off your body/needs to redone. You envision it being passed down to the next generation and living on in antiquity as a small remembrance of you and your skills as a crafter. Then ***Poof***, you come out of that dream to realize that you can not make the object because you have to de-stash and all dreams are dashed forever or at least until you work your way through and begin to purchase items again.

There is a sweet little purple and grey ball calling my name. It is the one sitting on the top of the box over to the right. It should mysteriously find its way to my house and jump in my stash. Oh well! I will have to get to knitting in order to make that happen. 

Update: Baby blanket only needs three more inches before the border and then I am ready to block it and move on.

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Pam said...

I bet you will find so many lovely projects just waiting for you in your current stash. Stage it in a lovely manner like the Knit Picks shoot. That way you get to "shop" in your own closet. Dreams reignited....


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