Sunday, January 9, 2011

The destashing project 2011

My wonderful sister Pam and I were talking about how ridiculous our stashes, (my yarn and her fabric) have become and after cleaning and organizing my stash I think I am ready to commit to this challenge with her. We virtually shook on:
  1. Not adding more to our stash until we completed the projects we already have going 
  2. And/or run out of yarn/fabric
  3. To work on our crafts one hour a day
  4. To chronicle about what we did for the week here on this blog
  5. Share magazine patterns with each other, we are only going to buy one crafting magazine, except the ones that we already have subscriptions for. (Thanks parents for getting me my Interweave subscription this Christmas!)
  6. Knowing the reality of this huge feat we both three get out of jail cards for the entire year. Because who can resist a cute thrift store buy.
My new organized stash
My fingering and DK weight yarn

I am excited to have someone keep me honest with my goals and really delighted to share this space with my sister. I can't wait to get knitting.

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