Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Destashing 2011 continues, "Get out of Jail"

I just got off the phone with my sis and we hashed out how the Get of Jail cards are really going to work. I thought it was best to set up the parameters ahead of time so that I know what I may and may not look at when I go into a yarn/craft/fabric store. Yep I said when instead of if, trying to stay honest right. You know I'm still going to go it is just if I pet the lovelies or if I decide to take some of them home with me.

So let's start this off right:

  • We can only spend $30 on the purchase and that includes tax. 
  • We can only use 3 Get out of Jail Cards (per person)
  • We must blog about the purchases as soon as we make it. 

I'll try to figure out some geeky way to keep track of the tally on the blog so that we can make sure we are not using the same three cards up over and over again. I am super excited about using up my stash because it means that I can get more stash afterwards. Not the right way to think of it, but baby steps are the way to achieving this goal.

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