Friday, December 10, 2010

Three Button Shawl

Pattern:Three Button Shawl
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn, Worseted Merino Superwash 
Gauge:5stitches to theinch
Needles: Size 7
Start-Finish: September- December 2010

I finished and sent my mom's three button shawl to her just in time for her birthday. She picked out the buttons in Albuquerque this summer and I knitted furiously away in time for December.The buttons are purple, yellow with a little bit of shimery orange. Each one has a different image on it. One is a fan, the other is a kokopelli and the third one is a sun. The stockinette stitch kept curling up on me and I was worried that it would after being blocked so I put a basic crocheted edge around the long ends to keep it from curling while worn. I added a couple of inches beyond the 58" that were suggested on the pattern to really give my mom some length while working at her new store.

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