Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finished! Hemlock Ring Blanket

Yarn: Spa, naturallycaron.com, 251 yards per skein
Gauge:22st & 30rows = 4x4 inches
Needles: Size 6
Start-Finish: October25, 2010- November 2, 2010

I am almost finished with this blanket. I have to still knit the lace bind off, rinse it and then block it. It is made out of the Spa, bamboo yarn so I am not so sure how it will hold up the lace. It is so soft it might just flop, but I will just have to hope that it will take shape. I am not a fan of "feather and fan" stitch. It was quite annoying. I had to keep ripping it out each night like Penelope in the Odyssey, except there were no suitors waiting up at my door. Just a bunch of crazy little boys that like to distract their mom while she is knitting lace!!!!!

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