Saturday, October 30, 2010

ARRGH! Halloween 2010

I have to say that I really love to celebrate Halloween, not the gory, creepy stuff. More of the silly goofy part, like dressing up in costumes and eating yummy food that looks gross. I hosted Halloween costume party for my local MOMS Club and it was a ton of fun to get ready for. As always I wait until the last minute and hope that Martha Stewart will come in and inhabit my body and do her magic decorating and cooking all before 8pm. Well I pulled it off, I finished my costume, made Eggs of Newt, Petrified Cheese log, Guacolmoldy and crackers and made the house and eerie as I could in few hours. I was down to the wire when I sent out J. to get Halloween like flowers and a table cloth and runner. His cousin came up with a cute idea to put glitter in the bottom of these bottles for the candle sticks I picked up at Michael's a month ago. Side-tangent: I am amazed that Michaels did not have anything left for their decorations on the Friday before Halloween. They were down to one Haunted House mix and some lame cupcake papers. They were already set up for Christmas, not even Thanksgiving! The plan next time is to see if they get anything on the sales bins and then go early and often!

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