Thursday, September 2, 2010

Still scarf crazed!

I have had scarf on the brain for the last few weeks in-between, going to work, clearing out plants in the garden, and taking kids to  and from school. Oops! I forgot, canning the vegetables and making strawberry jam. In my spare time (yes, that is sarcasm) I have gotten only about 24 inches done on the Lace Ribbon Scarf. I have put myself on a moratorium for starting another project until I get this scarf done for my friend from high school. (Shout out to 241, Girls High!) I like the way the zauerball is shaping up. It goes from dark midnight blue to a light sky-ish blue without being too shocking. My only dislike is that it is fuzzy. I keep thinking that I am splitting the yarn but I realized it is just spun loosely. On a big lacy shawl this would be really annoying but on a little scarf it is only mildly annoying. I can push on and get this done in about two weeks if life doesn't throw me too many curve balls and I quit having helium hand (I just can't stop volunteering for things, it is like a disease).

I went to the PTO meeting for my boys schools on Tuesday and it was so difficult to sit there and not volunteer to do anything. I thought it was good that I didn't walk out of there with any new commitments and a half of apple pie. We were supposed to all bring pie to share with each other. I ran out of time this week and couldn't bake one so I took it out of the King Soopers box, threw it in the oven and at least brought it warm. It went back in the box so, I wasn't trying to pretend that I baked it, I just don't like cold apple pie unless there is Vanilla ice cream on top. Off to sleep and back up to walking children to and from school all day long, while trying to be productive.

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