Monday, February 8, 2010

Already in my Ravelry queue

Darn you Classic Elite! Your evil ways have made me realize that I will have to work for years and years, never to retire because of all the money that I must spend on yarn, so that I can knit all of the beautiful patterns that you churn out like it means nothing to you. Well it means a lot to me! I must toil over these knits day in and out in order to achieve success. Now I was just about to think I was done and could kick the habit when I was glancing past your website and saw these (How could you? No really, how could you!?)  


  1. Duchess Raglan
  2. Cotton Bam Boo Little Shell Top
  3. Summer Set by the Sea
  4. Ariosa Wrap Cardigan

I am thinking of summer now and need to get going so that I can have my knits before it gets warm enough to garden. Speaking of gardening, I just planted my seeds a few days ago and they are hopefully incubating their little selves into wonderful seedlings. Just ignore the snow falling outside and stay warm guys.

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