Friday, December 18, 2009

Day Four: Yikes!!!!!

I spent most of the day yesterday getting ready for the holiday party for my mom's group. I went for last minute decorations and candles at Hobby Lobby which is always an interesting experience. The people that work there always seem to be completely depressed and unhappy. While the store is decked out in tons of brightly colored arts and craft items and decorations. They were having a sale on Christmas items 50% off of all items. I told the kids to not look too deeply into anyone's eyes and if they promised to let them stay forever to run and get me ASAP. We got out in one piece, souls in tact. Things were pulled together about 1 minute before the party started and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Here is the list of things to still be completed:
Modern Log Cabin blanket completed Feb 2010
T-shirt bags  I took these off the list. I had plenty of gifts already.
Knitting needle case
Felt hands (kids) Simplicity, right!
Towel toppers(continued)

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