Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The plauge has come to visit

Town went to the nurse's office on Monday and decided to vomit all over the floor there. Fun!!! I went to pick him up and he had a fever and looked really pitiful. I took him home and let him watch Thomas which perked him up very quickly while he laid underneath the brand new fireman no-sew blanket that I made for him and had been planning to give him later, but no time like the present and he seemed to be feeling better. His fever broke in about an hour and half and he was up playing again. I kept him home yesterday and I think I'll keep again today because he has not made me scream at him several times for trying to destroy his brother, the cat, or my house. I know, no destroying he must still be under the weather because I think I gave birth to a demolition team. Town is the foreman, wrecking ball and dynamite all wrapped up in one cute and quiet ball. Just for those who have not been to my house when he is talking he is far from quiet!!!! It is a show. He is actually very noisy when he is a fireman, UPS man, or train. Very noisy. Which is why I am bummed that he has actually been so sick. My entertainment has been drastically reduced.

PS Rivers think that after you color a picture it should be properly crumpled up and delivered to it's recipient.

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