Monday, October 19, 2009

Not OK in OKC

Parisienne - Raphael

I got back to town from Oklahoma City on Saturday and I have to say it was not one of my more pleasant trips. No matter how long it took for me to get there. Oh about 10 hours,  then I asked for a wake-up call that never came, and the toilet broke in my hotel room. Then some other unfortunate things happened to me, but the one redeeming moment left in OKC was going to S.W.A.K. Sealed with a Kiss was the best yarn store that I have set my foot into in a while. She had beautiful displays that were not just bins but actual furniture pieces that were well arranged. I bought some colinette yarn, Kid mohair made in Wales called Raphael 70. I also got Berroco's NaturLin  to make a market bag. I could not resist Rowan's Kid silk night, I think it is called Macbeth, which is fitting. It is the thrid from the right. Did I forget to say that I like purple. Well, other than the visit to S.W.A.K. I got to see my baby run his first marathon. He is wearing the Johnny Cash running gear, all-black. I bought him that outfit because I was tired of cheering him on with the "That's what she said" shirt. I love the office but, enough is enough. He

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