Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Custard Splat!I was able to sleep in today, which was somewhat nice and somewhat strange. When I did get up and my oldest was cuddled up against me, watching me breathe I guess and the cat had decided not to attack me. Strange right! I then realized that the youngest of the house was still asleep at 9am. I was terrified! He never sleeps that late and therefore I never sleep that late. I should have known realized the ominous writing on the wall, but I just went ahead and woke him up and started the day. After the routine dressing and breakfast we went out into the new garden to play (the boys) and weed (me). As I am weeding the boys had a bang up time but every few minutes I had the feeling that they were going to hurt themselves. I more or less thought the oldest (Town) was going to take (Rivers) out by pushing his bike down the street and away from me forever or as R. says "Ever". So every few minutes I say be careful!!! and then splat! Right on the ground R. falls on his face, off of Town's bike. The bike that I had two minutes before said leave it alone it is too big for you. Luckily the one thing that Rivers' did hear was put your helmet on and the helmet saved his adorable little face from being black and blue. Instead there was blood gushing from his nose all over the both of us. Once it stopped and Marathon man (my husband) came up from his office to check on us things quieted down. Before I knew it I was off the phone with the pediatric nurse who assured me that he was fine, and Rivers was scarfing a hot dog like his normal self and saying, "All better, all better, all better"  Long story short my children are trying to scare me half to death, either by destroying each other or doing the job themselves.
Did I mention that I got lost going to work in a city that could be confused as a town!

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