Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New house

So I just moved into my first home. We bought this cute fixer upper that has been a lo of work but totally worth it. I think that part of the fun has been in dreaming up what I am going to do with each room. The hardest part was actually moving and now I am in the sea of boxes. Things are starting to come out of the boxes slowly but I am worried that there isn't going to be enough time to get them unpacked before my trip to Atlanta. I have had fun dreaming up ideas and saw this the other day. I think it would be fun and it is my favorite past time but a little hard to justify to the rest of my family.
This has been my inspiration for my bedroom. I wanted something romantic and dark. I know that it seems really dark but I am not going for all red. I liked the cave like atmosphere and want to be able to go into the room and cocoon and be ready to emerge for another day.

My other inspirations for the bedroom were chocolate covered strawberries and Morocan hotel retreat.

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